Photo Minding After AIPAD NYC, 2018

Went to AIPAD–mostly contemporaries on display with selected moderns like Rodchenko, Man Ray.  Several dealers showed big and colorful prints of grand interiors making for mesmerizing images. Here’s my angled shot of  one.

Massimo Listri Aipad Massimo Listri , Venaria Reale VII, Torino, Archival Lambda Color Photograph, 2016-18, ed. 2/5 70- 7/8 x 88-5/8 inches 2/5, Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida.

As for where photography is today?  It’s being celebrated.  Rightly so.  Photography is big-the fabric of our visual digital society.  So is point and shoot–everyone takes photos these days.  And so many go about the world looking at images of it on their devices.  Interesting how less of that in this show-more looking at the actual photographs than at digital images of them on devices.  Interesting that!

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