A Don’t Miss NY Painting

Here’s a great one!.  It’s such an icon and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Jackson Pollock’s big, bold Autumn Rhythms, 1950.   If you haven’t seen the painting in a while-go see.  What a tangle and twirl, an unfurl of paint, of action.  Very contemporary still in a gestural 1950s way.

Photo Minding After AIPAD NYC, 2018

Went to AIPAD–mostly contemporaries on display with selected moderns like Rodchenko, Man Ray.  Several dealers showed big and colorful prints of grand interiors making for mesmerizing images. Here’s my angled shot of  one. Massimo Listri , Venaria Reale VII, Torino, Archival Lambda Color Photograph, 2016-18, ed. 2/5 70- 7/8 x 88-5/8 inches 2/5, Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm…Read more »

At the Metropolitan Museum Now A Don’t Miss It!

You might do just that–miss it –in the basement, that is lower level of the Lehman Wing. It’s Public Parks, Private Gardens: Paris to Provence. Curated by Colta Ives, now curator emeritus at the Met–was curator of prints and drawings and curator in charge of prints and drawings–someone who knows the Met’s collections in depth…Read more »